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How we work

1. Patentability assessment

For an invention to be patented, it needs to fulfil three requirements: novelty (not included in the state of the art), originality (inventiveness) and industrial applicability.

2. Patent drafting

The patent is drawn up by an industrial property consultant, registered with the Ordine dei Consulenti in Proprietà Industriale (the Italian register of industrial property consultants), and must contain a title, a description, a set of claims, any drawings, lists of nucleotide sequences, etc.

3. Patent filing

The patent filing can be completed online, on the UIBM (Ufficio Italiano Brevetti e Marchi) website, on paper, by delivering it to a Chamber of Commerce, or by post. Filing fees are payable but public institutions (including universities) are exempt.

A few things to know
before registering a trademark or filing a patent

  • Filing a patent or registering a trademark can be very valuable to your company but it is vital to find the right partner who can provide you with professional intellectual property advice.
  • In fact, an incorrectly drafted patent could allow others to economically exploit your idea and cause financial harm to your company, compromising its competitiveness in the target market.
  • Our services are specifically designed to leave nothing to chance, protect your idea and turn it into a strategic business asset.

Furthermore, thanks to our adaptable business model, we have cut the costs, which means you will receive the same standard of service wherever you are, without any fixed cost increases.

How can we help?

ASTW IP’s Intellectual Property Services

Prior art search and
patentability opinions

In order to verify the novelty of your invention, patent databases are checked to ensure that no similar products or processes exist that are the subject of prior patent publications. This preliminary analysis is important to avoid the risk of the invention being patented plagiarising any previously filed patents.

Filing of Italian, European
and international patents

Patents are territorial rights, and are therefore only protected in those countries and regions, i.e. groups of countries, in which they are granted. Your invention can be filed in Italy and then extended to other countries. Protecting a patent in these other countries allows the holder to benefit from the same exclusive rights as they would have in the country of residence. Patents last for 20 years and are non-renewable.

Freedom to operate opinions

Freedom To Operate (FTO) is a market analysis intended to verify whether the patent you want to file risks violating any rights held by third parties. If the result of this search is positive, the inventor will be free to market their product in that particular market.

Payment of fees

Patents for inventions, like utility models and designs, have a time limit. Invention patents expire every year but can be kept in force by paying an annual maintenance fee for up to a maximum limit of 20 years from the filing date.

Filing of utility models,
in Italy and abroad

A utility model patent protects the new technical form of an industrial product. Therefore, while a new product is an invention, any innovative improvement of the technical form of an existing product is a utility model. A utility model lasts for ten years and must be registered and filed with the relevant offices depending on the territorial scope of protection required (national, European or international).

Registration of designs,
in Italy and abroad

As with patents and utility models, the protection of designs or models is territorial and therefore restricted to the territory of the country in which it takes place. This means that if you want to protect designs or models in different countries, you need to apply for their registration in each of the relevant countries. You can also directly submit an application for registration of a design or model abroad, without necessarily having to apply in Italy and then extend the protection. Designs last for 10 years and are renewable.

Domain names

Registering a trademark also as a domain name provides further protection. Given the link between trademarks and domain names, the protection of a trademark must necessarily be accompanied by protection of the corresponding domain name, in order to avoid registrations by third parties.


A trademark is a “sign” used to identify a company’s products/services and distinguish them from those of the competition. Any signs, in particular words, including names of people, or designs, letters, numbers, colours, or sounds can constitute trademarks, provided that these signs are suitable for distinguishing the goods or services of one company from those of another. Trademarks last for 10 years and are renewable.

National validation of European patents

Within three months of a European patent being granted, the patent holder must make arrangements for the national validation procedure. In particular, they will have to prepare translations of the European patent, as granted, to be supplied to the offices of the countries stated in the application. ASTW IP offers the validation service in Italy and throughout Europe, including translation.

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