ASTW aspires to be a language service provider that operates on a worldwide basis. To do so, attention must be paid to all aspects of the company organisation, from project and vendor management and use of an appropriate IT system to the economically efficient use of resources. While the use of technologies and economic considerations are important, they must not be considered before the professional life and financial remuneration of our collaborators.


Our principles lean on reliability and ethical correctness. Projects entrusted to us by our customers are all handled with “artisan care”: the customer is not just a number, but someone with whom to establish a relationship of mutual trust. Providing an economically competitive service is clearly the fundamental key in a market such as the translation industry, in which international competition is high. We seek to provide an economically advantageous service while respecting everyone’s work. To ensure this, we use modern
translation technologies (project management tools, computer-assisted translation tools, automatic
translation, and artificial intelligence) to ensure that collaborators are more productive in the time spent on
their work.


The strength of ASTW is first and foremost represented by those who work with us on a daily basis. We ask all of our collaborators, both external and internal, to give their all to each project, in meeting deadlines and respecting customer requirements. All of our external suppliers are required to sign a binding non-disclosure agreement. To do a job well, it is necessary to be motivated and have the value of one’s “product” recognised. This is possible by establishing a relationship of trust, the foundation of which is mutual fairness and compliance with agreed upon conditions. Our economic competitiveness is not due to reducing remuneration to a minimum, but rather to improved and more efficient work flow management.

We lean on the principles of reliability, fairness and the humanisation of technologies in performing our work. As simple as that!

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