We work on your texts word by word and page by page, and for this reason, we go beyond pure translation, because we deal with structural editing and content organisation, proofreading and even transcreation, a creative process that calibrates your text to its target audience.

With a meticulous process of editing, revision and creative adaptation, we make the difference between a correctly translated text and a text tailored to your readership.

We work on any type of text in any language, from medical-scientific manuscripts to text manuals, and support you in defining the most correct terminology, as well as content structure and the style most appropriate for your sector.

The neutral eye of the editing process and ASTW’s specialist experience for personalised advice.


We specialise in scientific English, delivered by the best native speakers and writers with academic experience – PhD degrees – in the biomedical and scientific fields.

We offer an integrated service of English translation and revision, writing and proofreading of articles, manuscripts, essays, and scientific and medical texts. We work on the text in great detail, without distorting it, but adjusting style and editing content in a manner that tailors the text to the intended readership.

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