To help our customers convey their message across the world, ASTW’s interpreting services offer added value, in that linguistic and technical skills are enhanced by a strong sensitivity and the ability to connect to any interlocutor.

Our interpreters have honed significant academic and professional experience, and are real communicators capable of giving added value to business conversations in a foreign language.

The ASTW interpreting service includes simultaneous translation, for real-time translation during meetings, symposia or press conferences; consecutive interpretation, where the interpreter has technical and commercial skills and serves as a cultural mediator between the interlocutors; and chuchotage interpretation, where the interpreter sits next to the customer, gently translating in a “whisper”.

Communication beyond language barriers: we help you make yourself understood.


Interpreting services provided throughout Italy and in specific fields: medical, scientific, technical, legal and commercial.

Thanks to the support of our team of interpreters, who are not just foreign language speakers, but also purveyors of the appropriate technical language delivered with the effective sensitivity of cultural mediators, you can safely conclude even the most critical negotiations and meetings in any language.

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