The transcription service offered by ASTW is founded on the competence of the professionals and external collaborators selected for their academic preparation and linguistic knowledge. We can assist you with professional transcription in the medical and scientific fields, from conventions, seminars, meetings and other events – and in the legal field, from hearings or other official meetings.
Our documents ensure full accuracy with audio files and are immediately usable, offering a quick, precise work with several revisions for an error-free result.

Precision and exactitude, from voice to the written word.


Transcription of audio files in the specific language of the medical sector, and maximum clarity and linguistic correctness for transcriptions of conventions, seminars, meetings and other medical and scientific events. ASTW boasts complete knowledge on the commissioned content in the transcription/transcription and adaptation of an audio or video source, so as to ensure precision and exactitude. We also offer transcriptions of legal hearings or other legal and official meetings: the documents prepared guarantee full accuracy with the audio files, and are prepared by expert professionals with advanced computer programs.
It is quickly executed work with multiple revisions for a perfect result.

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