Domenico LombardiniFondatore e proprietario

Professional experience
  • Medical translations
  • Technical translations
  • Scientific translations
  • Degree in Biology
  • Professional experience in biomedical research (neuroscience) in Italian research institutes and universities

Graduated in Biological Sciences, within a few years he transformed an individual profession and freelance activity into a solid company with strong values ​​in the field of patent, legal, medical, scientific and technical translation.

“And they lived unhappily because it was cheaper”

Domenico founded ASTW as the natural evolution of a freelance activity focused on patent and medical-scientific translation, as well as medical-technical writing.
Over a few years of intense activity, improving managerial and organisational skills and thanks to the contribution of his colleagues, Domenico succeeded in giving ASTW the essential qualities for a linguistic service company which aspires to make itself globally competitive: use of technologies aimed at improving productivity, careful selection of human resources, effective management and allocation of resources, labour allocation, economics of scale, and meritocracy.
His dream is to create a company with strong humanistic values in the wake of the great humanist entrepreneurs who preceded us, such as Adriano Olivetti, according to whom “a factory cannot look only at the profit index.
It must spread wealth, culture, services and democracy.
I conceive of the factory for man, not of man for the factory.”



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    There are two general, exactly opposite attitudes in the language services sector, both of which are fundamentally incorrect: some customers are unaware of the work that is necessary in order to produce the requested quality, and some translators have a hard time accepting the fact that they work in an unregulated market. This is why

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