MARTINA GAGLIOJunior Project Manager

Professional experience:
  • Hostess Interpreter
  • Post-editing
Educational qualifications
  • Degree in Translation and Interpretation

With a Degree in Translation and Interpreting, she joined the ASTW team as Junior Project Manager in June 2020.

Branching out from her studies, before graduating she set out to explore the culture of her favourite languages: German, deep in verdant Bavaria, and Russian, in distant Siberia. From her travels she brought home and still jealously guards two great loves, one for Mikhail Bulgakov’s novel The Master and Margarita (which she boasts of knowing almost by heart) and one for vareniki, sweet dumplings stuffed with sour cream. She gained experience as a hostess interpreter in Germany, as well as a post-editor in the restaurant business (has she already mentioned her passion for food?). Enterprising and with an extremely infectious smile, she decided to leave her homeland of Lombardy (but not her beloved football team of Milan) to live with her favourite person: the sea.


    Attraverso… on formatting. I’m quite satisfied: after a long and meticulous revision, I’m ready to deliver a job. I’m really pleased with this translation: since I’m ahead on my other projects, I had extra time and energy to dedicate to it. In addition to the usual standard checks, I even read some parts aloud to

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    March has just begun, it’s starting to warm up and nature is ready to flourish anew. Let’s welcome spring with a new episode of “Multilingual countries“! We already hinted at it in the last episode: today we’ll virtually travel to the country that’s home to numerous institutions of the European Union. That’s right, today we’re going

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    Attraverso… on revision. How can a competitive level of productivity be achieved while maintaining constant quality? It might seem to be mission impossible, but it’s actually quite simple with the right team spirit. It starts with the linguist, who carefully post-edits his or her work, especially focusing on the known weaknesses of the translation engine

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