Banking and financial translations in accordance with the best standards of each country.

Economic and Financial Translations

The globalisation of international markets and the free movement of capital requires companies to implement internationalisation policies in order to survive in increasingly competitive economic environments. As a result, language services constitute part of a more comprehensive strategy that companies must consider in order to become relevant players and capture new market shares.

In the economy sector, the most commonly requested translations in the banking and financial sector concern, but are not limited to, shareholders’ annual financial statements, announcements for financial markets and contracts for the sale and purchase of financial services.

Of course, all financial documents requiring translation must adhere to certain standards, which often differ from country to country, and the technical and cultural skills necessary to effectively manage these linguistic requirements is an indispensable condition for flawless financial translations. Therefore, terminology and the country of the target audience are of utmost importance in the translation of financial texts.

Samples of financial documents include:

  • Translation of corporate documents and articles of incorporation
  • Translation of interim financial statements
  • Translation of end-of-year financial statements
  • Translation of budget analyses
  • Translation of economic analyses
  • Translation of financial reports
  • Translation of economic reports
  • Translation of calls for tender
  • Translation of marketing materials
  • Translation of EU directives

Our financial translators and editors

Our team of financial translators and editors stays constantly abreast of regulatory developments and trends in the financial world. Often, our financial linguists operate or have operated in financial consultancy environments; in any case, they have honed years of experience in the professional financial translation field.

Our quality warranty in the financial translation field

Our reliance on carefully selected financial translators and the implementation of a workflow designed to maintain translation quality allow us to deliver to our clients lexically and stylistically flawless financial translations. Our workflow and the four-eyes principle + final check (our translations undergo a two-layer quality control) allow us to reliably and consistently guarantee the quality of our financial translations, both in terms of formal accuracy and style and fluidity.

Terminology and lexical sources

For example, the terminology or other official lexical sources we leverage for the translation of financial documents include glossaries and translation memories issued by the ECB, the Bank of Italy, Borsa Italiana and ABI, in addition to internal terminological resources we have built and validated over the years. Furthermore, we build and manage specific glossaries which take into account the lexical preferences of each client.

Confidentiality for your financial translations

ASTW’s workflow is particularly attentive and rigorous in terms of the privacy and confidentiality of sensitive customer data. This is particularly important and indeed a basic requirement for the translation of financial documents. Given the importance and sensitivity of the financial documents, each selected translator is expected to follow the confidentiality protection procedures implemented by ASTW and to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

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For the establishment of a new legal entity in Greece, our company needed the legal translation (English- Italian) of documents to be signed in front of a notary and then apostilled before the shipment to our Greek partners. The urgent procedure took place during Christmas holidays! No need to say that ASTW fulfil the tasks in time and with excellent quality.

Giorgia Eranio | Project Manager

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