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To sell your products or services abroad, it is essential to properly localise your website content. What does that mean? It means that texts and messages should not simply be translated word by word but, depending on the case, must be thoroughly revised in order to fully convey the intended message to your target audience.

Selling online is today an essential requirement to be competitive on the market, and, as a result, websites must properly showcase products and services: more than just translated, messages must be adapted to new cultural contexts.

At ASTW, we work by distancing ourselves from translation as a mechanical process and approaching a real creative process of cultural reworking, made up of specific linguistic knowledge and in-depth knowledge of the culture of the target country.

For each language, a different way of seeing the world: at ASTW, we help you make your online business fit every cultural context.


The localisation of computer and application programs – Software Localisation – is much more than simple translation: companies must localise their software to overcome cultural barriers and reach a wider audience with their products.

It is a process of adapting a software to the linguistic, cultural and technical context of a specific target audience. Localisation can concern the software itself, as well as user manuals, technical documents, etc.

Often, the management of software localisation projects proceeds in parallel with product development in order to allow simultaneous software in all languages required. For example, string translation can occur when the software is still in beta version. In this way, properly localised software is not perceived as something foreign by the target audience.

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