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To write your business's success story.

Integrated translation and writing services yielding precise and complete projects, prepared by industry professionals.

Technical writing integrated services

Technical writing is about more than terminology, syntax and style. It often requires radical content reorganisation (usually provided in the form of draft data), to make it reader-accessible, whilst maintaining precision in terms of layout specifications and terminology.

We offer multi-sector technical writing services, delivered by technicians and technical writers competent in an enormous variety of fields. From user manuals to technical specifications, technical-marketing materials and more, produced in accordance with controlled writing criteria, to facilitate the subsequent translation of your texts into other languages.

Quality and experience

Our professionals are editors and translators with significant academic experience and specific expertise in their technical field.


Being able to communicate in the scientific and medical field today is crucial, and a major competitive advantage for companies in this sector.

ASTW’s medical writing services are delivered by highly skilled medical writers with expertise and experience in all clinical and therapeutic fields.

Medical writing services

Our Medical Writing services include:

  • Writing of original articles (scientific/clinical) for publication in peer-reviewed journals
  • Systematic literature review
  • Revision of scientific manuscripts in English
  • Creation of abstracts, presentations and posters for conferences
  • Production of informative materials and educational slides
  • Opinion leader sourcing
  • Organisation of online and residential courses
  • Content creation for company websites
  • Drafting of scientific articles and informative texts
  • Creation and sending of newsletters
  • Scientific publication planning and editorial planning
  • Manuscript formatting in line with specific journal guidelines. Creation of cover letters and assistance with referee comment response
  • Drawing up of tables and figures
  • Writing and revising book chapters
  • Linguistic review and translation of scientific texts in Italian and English

Regulatory writing services

  • Clinical study reports (complete, abbreviated or synoptic, CSR in compliance with ICH E3)
  • Clinical study report appendices
  • Clinical study protocols and protocol revision
  • Investigator dossiers (IB)
  • Patient histories
  • Safety update reports
  • IND documentation
  • Summary documents for new drug authorisation applications and marketing authorisation applications (NDA / MAA) - eCTD modules 2.5 and 2.7
  • Data Safety Management Board (DSMB) reports
  • Clinical development plans
  • Principle objective outcome reports
  • Informed consent


“Transcription” services, that is, transcription and adaptation from a source (a recording or video) which entails writing a text according to a rationale of comprehensibility and pleasant style.
ASTW is completely competent on the content commissioned in transcription jobs, thus guaranteeing rigor and precision of the exposition.

Medical Transcriptions

Transcription of recordings with a medical industry-specific language. Performed by specialized professionals, this job requires technical skills, propriety of writing and concision. Language that is crystal clear and right on in transcriptions for conferences, seminars, meetings and other events.

Seminar Reports

Detailed written reports of meetings, conferences or seminars, specifically in the medical and scientific fields. A quality transcription service guaranteed by the competence of ASTW professionals and independent contractors, selected based on academic preparation, language and specific expertise.

Legal Transcriptions

Transcriptions of hearings or other legal meetings done with the utmost precision. Documents guaranteed to completely match the recordings, prepared by professionals that work with major law firms, using advanced software programs. We work fast, yet review the text over and over for a result with a zero margin of error.


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