Our customers often wonder about our name: ASTW. Is it an acronym? Are they our founder’s initials? No, nothing of the sort.

ASTW is the fusion and synthesis of all those things that define and set us apart from all other translation agencies: it is Action, because we are concrete and efficient in every project; it is Answer, because we meet expectations and do not disappoint our customers. ASTW is Solutions to any problem or request; it is Word and World, because we start from a word and disseminate it across the world; it is Translation, our core business.

But ASTW is much more and, above all, ASTW is Team: made up of dynamic, specialised, skilful, reliable and constantly growing people.

When you choose ASTW, you choose the best quality: we focus on your texts, down to the smallest details, supported by the most innovative technology in the field of translation. We guarantee timeliness and efficiency, and meticulous work performed by multifaceted and competent people, each with their own specialist skills, sector experience and strengths.

The eclecticism of our team goes hand in hand with the diversity and complexity of the projects we deal with: translation of patent, scientific, medical and legal materials and technical manuals, as well as editorial works, technical and medical writing, and much more.

At ASTW, we have the best team to complete any type of project.

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