Legal translation service in all European and non-European languages.


When translating legal documentation, target language knowledge is not enough; expertise in legal terminology and a clear understanding of the target country’s legal system are also essential to produce the highest quality legal translation.

Our translators are native-speaker legal professionals enrolled on the relevant registers of their countries of residence, or with legal degrees and extensive experience in the field.

Confidentiality and professionalism for the translation of your legal documents and deeds.

At ASTW, we translate administrative and legal documents and deeds, such as:

  • contracts (lease, rent, sale, donation, credit, association, employment, brokerage, inheritance, guarantee, travel, transport, marriage, licences …)
  • presentations and brochures
  • technical reports
  • divorce and separation agreements
  • court orders and procedures
  • medical-legal materials
  • legal terms and conditions
  • bills of landing/delivery notes, orders and returns
  • reports and complaints
  • appeals, arbitration and dispute management
  • terms and conditions on loans, mortgages, sureties
  • legal translation on import/export contracts
  • certificates with legal value
  • sale/purchase agreements
  • trademark and patent applications
  • legal documents
  • corporate reports
  • notarial declarations
  • wills
  • bank/administrative/financial liquidations
  • appeals and proposals
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“Serious and trustworthy professionals, who can manage even the most complex assignments on time and with competence. I have been relying on them for many years with full satisfaction.”

Andrea Arecco
CEO Founder, Arbo IP

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