The world is constantly transforming, evolving and changing shape, like water being poured into a new container. The labour market is certainly not exempt from these changes, requiring continuous updating and personal growth. The translation industry, and language services in general, is the belle of this ball. Translators around the world and from all walks of life need to stay up to date with industry developments, new technologies and much more. ASTW develops and provides its own courses precisely to meet these needs.


When considering online courses, how many of us have wondered: will it be useful? Will it be interesting? Does the institution promoting the course have any authority?

Our courses are recognised by the most prestigious associations in the sector. Once the training has been successfully completed, they guarantee the right to Professional Training Credits recognized within the AITI (Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters) Continuing Training Program and by ANITI (Italian National Association of Translators and Interpreters), TradInfo and Assointerpreti.

The teachers of ASTW’s courses are university professors and in-house and freelance collaborators.  They are chosen with the aim of providing the best possible training, from every perspective.


Let’s dive right in and take a look at our courses.

In order to ensure flexibility, rapid accessibility, 24/7 availability and compliance with current standards, our training is offered remotely through our e-learning portal.

Our platform is constantly being updated and new training courses will soon be added, precisely to keep up with the continuous evolution of the market.

Meanwhile, take a look at our current courses:

Translating psychologyTranslation and writing guidelines in the medical and pharmaceutical field and Patent translation, the language of inventions.


My name is Stefano Gaffuri, I’m a translator and SEO copywriter. When I began working as a translator after earning my university degree, I had many doubts about what to do. After getting in touch with ASTW, they suggested I take the course related to the world of patent translation. It was truly useful to someone like me with solid translation foundations but lacking knowledge in this field. The course isn’t simply to provide a basic understanding: it provides an in-depth overview of the field, offering theoretical and practical insights and valuable advice, not just for beginners.

It may seem like a biased judgement … so let me add: the proof is in the pudding!

PS: In this regard, watch this video on our YouTube channel, where I talk about my adventure with ASTW. 

Stefano Gaffuri.English translation and adaptation by Sarah Schneider