Special ASTW Webinar on the 12th of March entitled: “Introduction to the principles and how to use the tools for protecting industrial and intellectual property in Italy and abroad.“

The title is already the entire programme on its own (although the actual programme can be found at this link).

The aim of this webinar is to explain the theoretical foundations of industrial and intellectual property to translators and non-translators, whether they are more or less knowledgeable about the subject. We will discuss protecting innovation through Industrial Invention Patents and Utility Models. We will also examine Trademarks and Industrial/Design Models, useful for protecting image and aesthetic innovation.


I always have the answers to the questions I ask myself.

The Webinar is useful for all those who want to learn more about the world of industrial property protection, intellectual works, patents, and much more. Not only for furthering knowledge, the webinar can be useful to all those totally unaware of the field (as I was before taking classes and some practical training).

So for both translators and non-translators, but please note that the webinar will be entirely in Italian. Two intense, well-spent hours in the company of our teacher Alberto Laghi (you can find his short bio at the webinar link at the beginning of the article), who will be happy to answer any questions and doubts at the end of the course.

But don’t delay! There are a maximum of 20 participants. To register, click here.

Yours, Stefano Gaffuri.

English translation and adaptation by Sarah Schneider