The text “Machine translation – Sfide e opportunità per il traduttore professionista” (Machine Translation – Challenges and Opportunities for Professional Translators), edited by Domenico Lombardini and Diego Cresceri will soon be available online.

This is not the first time our CEO and that of Creative Words have collaborated to write a text, the result of years of experience in the translation industry. The first book which arose from their friendship and mutual esteem can be found on Amazon; “Machine translation – Come usarla in modo professionale” (Machine Translation – How to Use it Professionally” published by Aracne Editrice in 2019. The eloquent title immediately explains the practical and concrete approach of this small manual full of ideas and information, including the contribution of Francesco Mana, Senior Project Manager of ASTW.

Returning to the new and imminent publication, Domenico’s words express it best:

Machine Translation is said to be the next paradigm shift in the language services industry. In reality, we are already beyond that point: MT is already an essential tool for translators and Language Service Providers today […]

The text provides an in-depth and detailed overview of the state of the art; comprehensively addressing the inherent issues of the new MT systems and the theories related to them. The book ranges from a look at post-editing rates to a focus on the daily implementation of these tools.

But who are Domenico and Diego?

For those who don’t already know them, let me present the curators of this project.

Domenico Lombardini

After earning his degree in Biological Sciences, in only a few years he successfully transformed an individual profession and freelance activity into a solid company with strong values in the field of patent, legal, medical, scientific and technical translation.

He has worked in translation and medical writing, as well as philosophy, philosophy of science, religion, anthropology and poetry. He has published books, manuals and collections of poems.

His dream is to create a company with strong humanistic values in the wake of the great humanist entrepreneurs who preceded us. Such as Adriano Olivetti. This is why he founded ASTW, working day after day to improve his management and organisational skills, also thanks to the contribution of his collaborators: this has allowed him to build the company he desired, continuously improving.

Diego Cresceri

A hopeless optimist and tireless dreamer, Diego leads the best team he could hope for.

After earning his degree in Interpreting he began working in the localization sector in 2005. He started as a translator, soon moving on to work as a Project Manager and finally as Chief Operations Officer for a translation agency before deciding to start a new business and create his own translation agency.

At Creative Words he deals with business growth, especially focusing on the use of technology to provide customers with faster, more efficient services.

Passionate about languages, he has taught machine translation post-editing in several universities and postgraduate courses since 2010.

In short, two heavyweights of the translation world. They have once again collected and selected contributions from the best experts in the field, creating a useful publication for anyone who wants to learn more about machine translation and turn it into a valuable ally in their professional life.

More information on the book’s release will be available (very soon) on our social profiles!

Stay tuned

Stefano Gaffuri

English translation and adaptation by Sarah Schneider