Let’s talk about one of our specialisations today: patent translation

ASTW is a leader in the field of patent translation, in any language combination. 

Our experience in the field of patents and our many years collaborating with important intellectual property consultancy and patent attorney offices are a guarantee that ensure ASTW can take care of your entire project. Thanks to the experience we’ve gained over the years translating thousands of patents and patent-related documents (such as claims, litigation, etc.), we can offer top-quality services at a competitive price.

Languages and translators

ASTW specialises in patent translations for every European and non-European language. Following the London Agreement of 2008, an optional agreement for the Member States of the European Patent Convention, a patent must be translated into one of the three official EPC languages: French, German and English. 

In addition, only the claims (in some cases the entire patent) must be translated into the specific language of those countries with an official language other than the three listed above. 

For more information about the countries participating in the EPC, we suggest reading the article written by our CEO Domenico Lombardini.

We assign each project to the most qualified translator based on the translation language and their field of specialisation. The linguist’s background is especially important when making this choice.

At ASTW, we select translators based on their qualifications and consequently after passing rigorous language tests. Our collaborators are all native speakers and have no less than four years of experience in patent translation.

The ASTW translation process

One of our project managers monitors the entire process and acts as a virtual bridge between the translator and the client. It is precisely the PM who prepares the project, setting up the work and choosing the translator that best suits the text. The translator then works independently, consulting with the project manager if necessary. Once the translation has been completed, the text undergoes a three-level revision process during which it is carefully checked. The review and QA focus on the completeness and correctness of the text, using automatic controls and the help of qualified reviewers.

ASTW and cutting-edge technology

Translation technology has made enormous strides; at ASTW we use the best CAT tools to ensure an excellent quality/price ratio, reducing costs and delivery times

Certain phrases are often repeated (even partially) from document to document, especially in the patent field. These technologies allow us to reuse previously translated sections of text, speeding up work and ensuring textual consistency (which is quite important in this field). 

Each customer has one or more dedicated TMs (Translation Memory) which are implemented and updated from patent to patent in order to standardise the terminology requested by the customer and use the most suitable terms for a certain technical field. 

Obviously machines can only do so much: the added value of our patent translations is the training of our translators and revisers, who seek to always aim for the best result and always adequately meet and go beyond customer expectations.

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English translation and adaptation by Sarah Schneider