In a world where the digital sphere has become an integral part of everyday life, cyberspace protected by cybersecurity has come to be our “new world”, where thousands of data flow every day. Any international community, nation, company and user must absolutely protect this information.


Cybersecurity, IT security or ICT security can be defined as a system aimed at protecting computer systems, computers, mobile devices, networks and data from attacks, both internal and above all external. These attacks are capable of destroying devices and/or networks, stealing and/or corrupting data, with the hackers using them as they like.

 The lack of adequate cybersecurity systems is considered a major crisis within the European Union. In this sense, the restrictive measure imposed by the EU against persons and entities guilty of having carried out several cyber-attacks is of considerable interest.


The possible threats from these cyber-attacks include the total stop of operating activities and the theft of intellectual property and sensitive data or information from a company or customer. Companies must put great importance in relying on authoritative cybersecurity anywhere in which strict respect for privacy and non-disclosure of data is necessary.

Just think of the famous attacks called malware wannacry and notpetya to get an idea of the potential consequences of underestimating the matter.


In our field, from receiving documents to the translation processes and sending the translated documents, all these steps pass through connected devices 90% of the time.

Customers can send us files in a variety of ways, but they are mostly sent through computers. They can simply be sent via email, but we have established a “more direct” workflow with the creation of an encrypted shared folder. The customer’s projects are therefore protected, respecting their confidentiality. This is a very important aspect when considering the intrinsic value of certain texts, such as patents yet to be filed, and legal documents. The translated files are in most cases sent to the customer using the same channels as the initial sending.

A weak and inadequate system could expose you to the risk of data theft, a circumstance which could at best be an unfortunate inconvenience, but in many others could seriously harm the owner of the documents.

We have made cybersecurity a priority at ASTW in order to ensure confidentiality and security for all our customers’ data and information.

English translation and adaptation by Sarah Schneider